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Jack of all Gems

Black Buffalo Statement Cuff

Black Buffalo Statement Cuff

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This handmade statement cuff is bold and beautiful. It features two pieces of black buffalo sourced directly from the miner. Set in fine silver and sterling silver. The cuff measures 5&3/4” with a 1&1/4” opening. There can be a slight adjustment in the size, but refrain from opening and closing the cuff size repeatedly- this can cause the silver to work harden and become brittle- keep the overall shape of the cuff.

**Jewelry Care**

Treat your new piece like the treasure it is! Regular wear helps prevent tarnish on your piece. However, remove your piece for showering, exercising, or using cleaning products. Some stones are softer than others (turquoise and opals are particularly soft) so wear these stones with care.

Sterling naturally tarnishes over time. Each order includes a Sunshine Cloth or a Pro Polish Pad. These cloths have a mild abrasive to polish your piece back to new! If you’re not rocking your new piece, store it individually in an air tight container to slow the natural oxidization process.

All jewelry handmade with love at my in-home workbench. Imperfections are part of the handmade process and add to the character of each One of A Kind piece.

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